Affinity Groups Program

Keep your members safe and connected to loved ones! The RapidSOS Affinity Groups Program provides members of affinity groups (20 to 5,000 members) with extended free access to the Haven app. Members of formal or informal organizations enrolled in the Affinity Groups Program receive 1 year of free access to Haven. Together with your group, RapidSOS ensures that safety and security are accessible to your members, wherever they go.

If your group is interested in partnering with RapidSOS to offer this benefit to your members, please fill out this form.

  1. What is the Affinity Groups Program?
    • Through the Affinity Groups Program, group members receive extended free access to RapidSOS’ Haven app. When a group enrolls in the program, its members will each receive 1 year of free access to a Haven Family Plan (usually $49.99/year).
  2. What types of groups qualify for the Affinity Groups Program?
    • An affinity group is any group formed around a specific purpose or interest, such as private social clubs, neighborhood organizations, and political interest groups. Any organization or group that believes their members can benefit from access to the Haven app can qualify for the Affinity Groups Program! Groups must have a membership size of more than 20 individuals and fewer than 5,000 to qualify. Organizations larger than 5,000 should contact our business team to discuss a potential partnership with RapidSOS.
  3. How do members receive the discount?
    • When a group enrolls in the Affinity Groups Program, they will receive a promotional code that they can supply to their members. Members will enter the promotional code when they sign up and receive the free 1 year subscription to Haven.
  4. What if members want to continue to use Haven after the free year?
    • Members can easily continue their Haven subscription after the free year is over by signing up for one of our subscription plans (individual or family; monthly or yearly). They can continue using their same account and won’t have to re-enter any personal details other than billing information.