Transmit vehicle data instantly to first responders in an emergency

Emergency API Immediately Links Your
Platform with 9-1-1 & Responders

Connected car transmits data to 911 first repsonders after sensors detect a crash

How it works

Connected car icon

Car sensor determines there is an accident

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Crash detect info is sent to Emergency API

911 icon

RapidSOS communicates voice and data to 9-1-1

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Loved ones are informed


Precise Location

Precise GPS coordinates are transmitted to 9-1-1
when a crash is detected and the driver confirms
they need help.


This information is critical since mobile 9-1-1 calls
provide limited location data.


Rich Telematics Data

Relevant telematics data is transmitted to 9-1-1,
including speed at the time of the crash, airbag
deployment, occupancy data, etc.


Additional data allows 9-1-1 to respond faster
and with the appropriate resources.


Predict Vehicles Crashes

RapidSOS Predict uses over 50 variables to build
predictive heat maps of accident likelihood across the
United States using a database of when and where emergencies occur.


Warn drivers in high risk zones, proactively
preventing car accidents


Give Drivers Safety Today

We are working with OEMs, device makers, and mobile apps that track telematics to leverage the full capabilities of connected cars.

Get in Touch to See How RapidSOS Can:

  • Improve emergency response times for car crashes.
  • Make your platform viral by allowing users to add emergency contacts.
  • Drive recurring revenue - $10B could be saved annually if call centers aren't needed to relay data to 9-1-1 in crash.

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