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NG911 Clearinghouse
What is the NG911 Clearinghouse?
The NG911 Clearinghouse is a NENA i3 compliant Location Information Server (LIS) and Additional Data Repository (ADR) that is accessible to authorized PSAPs through integrations into all major call-taking equipment, mapping software & CAD products.

Through the NG911 Clearinghouse, PSAPs can securely access device-based hybrid location information from enabled smartphones, without the need for the caller to use an app, resulting in faster and more accurate location than Phase 2 information currently available.
How do PSAPs upgrade their software to receive data from the NG911 Clearinghouse?
The process varies from vendor to vendor. For some vendors, it’s a free over-the-air update, where for others it requires an upgrade to a newer software version. PSAPs that are interested in an integration to the Clearinghouse should reach out to their vendor and to RapidSOS to receive more information on the process. Learn more at
Do NG911 Clearinghouse integrations cost money?
RapidSOS offers the NG911 Clearinghouse service at no charge to Public Safety. RapidSOS does not charge an integration fee or license fee. Most vendor partners have also agreed to include the Clearinghouse interface into their software at no additional cost. Please contact your vendor or service provider to discuss the specifics on whether there is any cost on their end involved in upgrading you to a RapidSOS-capable version of their software.
Is there a delay in receiving RapidSOS data?
When a call comes in to a PSAP with the full NG911 Clearinghouse integration, the Clearinghouse is automatically queried for location and additional data. If data is available, it is displayed within milliseconds. This is a stark contrast to the 25-30 seconds it typically takes to get a Phase 2 rebid from the ALI database. Most vendors also periodically query the Clearinghouse throughout a call so that the PSAP receives automatic location updates if the caller moves.
What is RapidLite?
RapidLite is a free, easy-to-use web tool for PSAPs to receive enhanced data via the NG911 Clearinghouse. RapidLite is the easiest way to access the Clearinghouse, especially for PSAPs that have difficulties upgrading their software to a version that is integrated with the NG911 Clearinghouse.
Why does RapidLite exist?
With over 80% of 9-1-1 calls coming for mobile phones, it is imperative that PSAPs have access to accurate location data for callers. We built RapidLite so every PSAP is able to access precise device-based location for wireless calls, even if their call-handling, CAD or mapping software doesn’t support the NG911 Clearinghouse integration yet.
Is RapidLite a replacement to NG911 Clearinghouse integrations through my software vendors?
No. RapidLite is a tool for PSAPs who are waiting for their next software upgrade to receive enhanced data for their 911 calls, today. We recommend to use an integrated solution wherever possible, and make RapidLite available at no cost as a transitional solution.
How do I use RapidLite?
RapidLite is simple to use. To access RapidLite, create an account and request access. Once you’re approved by RapidSOS, you can add authorized users. RapidLite is a separate window that dispatchers can use to query information for a specific phone number during a live 9-1-1 call. If data is available for the caller via the NG911 Clearinghouse, it will be returned on RapidLite immediately.
What is NG911 & how does RapidSOS fit in?
Next Generation 911 (NG911) is a term that is often used for the migration of a copper-wire based legacy telephony system to a more robust, Internet Protocol (IP)-based platform that will allow voice calls, texts, location information and more to be transmitted in a more reliable, scalable and robust manner. Most features of the RapidSOS NG911 Clearinghouse do not require a full NG911 network deployment. The only requirement other than an ability to display Clearinghouse data is a secure robust IP connection from the PSAP to the Clearinghouse.

Many States have established NG911 infrastructure and have migrated their voice traffic to this new system. Unfortunately, most of the potential benefits for Public Safety are currently not being realized because location is still being handled in a carrier-centric, network-based fashion. RapidSOS is the first company to actually transmit NG911 data, such as device location and additional data, through to these networks. If NG911 is a data superhighway, RapidSOS is the data that travels on it.
Does the RapidSOS location replace the ALI?
No. RapidSOS location and additional data comes in as supplemental information. Call-takers and dispatchers will still receive the ALI location they are used to.
Where does the data available in the NG911 Clearinghouse come from?
RapidSOS has partnerships with various connected device companies (wearables, connected car, connected home, smartphones). In an emergency, precise location and rich data (when available) is transmitted to the NG911 Clearinghouse from devices with a RapidSOS integration. Over time, we expect that most smartphone devices will send location to the Clearinghouse during a 9-1-1 call.
What is RapidSOS’ business model?
RapidSOS’ business model is built on partnerships with connected device companies (smartphones, mobile apps, smart home devices, connected car, wearables). For example, a RapidSOS powered wearable device can connect a user to 9-1-1 during an emergency without the need for a call center. This reduces costs and improves response times.

RapidSOS offers the Clearinghouse service at no charge to Public Safety.

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