RapidSOS Safer Together Movement

Let's keep each other safe and secure

The Safer Together Movement is a coalition of programs to keep you, your family, and your community safe and connected. Through collaborations and partnerships with organizations, schools, celebrities, advocates, victims, survivors, and others, we will make sure everyone has access to the safety and security they need. Learn more about specific programs below.

The Safer Together Program provides free access to Haven to individuals and families who cannot afford a subscription.

Through the Affinity Groups Program, group members receive extended free access to the Haven app.

Community First delegates reach out to community members, neighbors, and local groups to share how Haven can benefit the community.

Through College Challenge, students across the nation come together to keep their campus and local community safe by spreading the word about Haven.

Speak Out for Safety connects the press with Haven users who have volunteered to share their personal stories of using Haven to reach 9-1-1.

Celebrity Cares brings together celebrities and their fans to embrace healthy, safe lifestyles and spread the word about mobile safety.


We are excited to be working with partners who care about keeping their communities safe while providing them valued benefits. If you are interested in enhancing the safety of those in your community, please reach out.


City of Cambridge

American Seniors Association

Rape, Abuse & Incest National

Break the Cycle

Center for Hearing and

United Spinal Association

Pediatric Congenital Heart

Epilepsy Association of
Central Florida

Carb DM

College Diabetes Network

Nebraska Educational Service Units

The Bee Foundation

The Danny Did Foundation

Beyond Type 1


South Carolina Advocates
for Epilepsy

Connecticut Epilepsy Advocate

Hearing Health Foundation

Diabetes Hands Foundation


Association of Medical Professionals
with Hearing Loss

Brain Aneurysm Foundation

Boston Area Rape Crisis Center

Interfaith Care Partners

National Down Syndrome

Women of Color Network

Periodic Paralysis Association

Caregiver Support Services

Community Overcoming Relationship Abuse

Milestones Autism Resources

National Coalition Against Domestic Violence

National Stroke Association