Keep your family safe and connected when it matters most

Send 9-1-1 your precise location, emergency type, and relevant medical information for yourself or a loved one in danger.


Sends your precise location and key info to 9-1-1 with one touch, lets you text-9-1-1 and notifies emergency contacts automatically


Lets you see real-time location of loved ones, check in with them, and even call 9-1-1 on their behalf.


One touch emergency calling in 250+ countries and jurisdictions worldwide, keeping you safe wherever you travel.

The Challenge

9-1-1 Has Trouble Locating Mobile Calls

180 million mobile 9-1-1 calls are made each year, most without precise location data.

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The Solution

Lifesaving Tech to Aid Emergency Response

With the Haven app, 9-1-1 gets your precise location and vital personal data with one touch.

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What the Media is Saying About Us

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"RapidSOS aims to add new smarts to the emergency dispatch system"


"RapidSOS uses cloud telecommunications and data analytics to push essential information into the 911 system"

The New York Times

"Dramatically increases the information available to dispatchers...saving lives"

The Washington Post

The Haven App


Send 9-1-1 important information with one touch, including type of emergency and precise location, and relevant data.

RapidSOS mobile app Haven on a cellular device

Family Connect

See the real-time location of loved ones, check in with them, and even call 9-1-1 on their behalf

International Feature

Access and dial emergency numbers for over 250 countries

What 9-1-1 is Saying About Us

Christina GIaccobe, Dir. of Emergency Communications and 911, Cambridge, MA

"Haven is revolutionizing the way callers inform 9-1-1 of an emergency. It enhances our ability to save lives by quickly getting callers the help they need."

Haven is great! Knowing that I can send a text message to 911 in case....

Great for families with teens and college-age kids - like mine....

RapidSOS aims to add new smarts to the emergency dispatch system

Why is this app not built into my phone already? Much better than calling 911!

Fantastic idea and great app. ALready feel safer having Haven on my phone.

Brilliant. An app that can save lives - thank you for solving a real problem.

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Family Plan

4.99/month (30 days free)
49.99/year (90 days free)
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Individual Plan

2.99/month (30 days free)
29.99/year (90 days free)
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Safer Together

We are All Safer Together

RapidSOS is committed to providing Haven to those in need. If you are unable to afford Haven, or if you want to support someone who needs help, the Safer Together Movement is for you.

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