Instant data connection to 9-1-1 when a fire or home invasion is detected

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The Emergency API makes IoT data actionable in an emergency, providing home monitoring without the need for a call center.

Home security system detects fire, carbon monoxide, or home invasion and triggers user notification.

User has a set window to react, cancel the alert, or notify loved ones.

Voice and rich data are sent directly to 9-1-1 and first responders (smoke density, temperature, location, etc.).

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Receive 5+ minutes faster response times in an emergency.*

Reduce property damage by 20%*

Drive recurring revenue - $31B is spent annually to provide wearable monitoring via call centers.

Turn your product into a viral safety platform (adding emergency contacts drives viral coefficient).

*Based on preliminary actuarial analysis for a life threatening medical emergency performed in consultation with leading emergency experts at Harvard / MIT / Stanford and a large reinsurance firm

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