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An animated mobile phone calling 911

180M mobile 9-1-1 calls annually.*

*National Emergency Number Association

An animated mobile phone connecting to 911 through a cellular tower

Approximately 50% of wireless calls are managed with only a cell tower address.**

**The Federal Communications Commission

A cell phone tower connects to a 911 dispatcher through RapidSOS NG911 technology, and helps save 10,000 lives

10,000+ lives are lost annually when mobile callers can't be located.**

**The Federal Communications Commission

*National Emergency Number Association

**The Federal Communications Commission

**The Federal Communications Commission

Free software upgrade to locate every caller

RapidSOS + Largest Tech Companies

Several of the largest tech companies and 9-1-1 software providers are partnering to solve this challenge - get a free software upgrade to receive precise mobile caller location to your municipality's existing 9-1-1 or computer aided dispatch (CAD) software.

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Typical location accuracy for urban environment today

three maps showing 911 phase 1 and phase 2 location pinpoints compared to the actual location of a cellular device

Make immediate lifesaving impact today and in the future


Precise location for most wireless calls; technology is already installed on 100M+ smartphones - your PSAP simply needs to install a software patch to start receiving it.


Advanced data flow, including precise location, texting, medical and demographic data into existing PSAP software (no new equipment, software, or cost).


Predictive Analytics platform preempts emergencies before they occur by analyzing hundreds of variables to reduce number of emergency calls.

Give Your Constituents Safety Today

Representatives of municipalities, please contact us today to discuss how we can help achieve your safety goals and keep your constituents safe.


2-10% reduction in mortality.*


6.9% reduction in healthcare costs.*


20% reduction in property damage.*

*Based on preliminary actuarial analysis for a life threatening medical emergency performed in consultation with leading emergency experts at Harvard / MIT / Stanford and a large reinsurance firm

"Three former leaders of the FCC are investing in RapidSOS, a startup that seeks to solve one of 911’s biggest problems."

"RapidSOS uses cloud telecommunications and data analytics to push essential information into the 911 system."

"Dramatically increases the information available to dispatchers, accelerating response times, and saving lives."

"Named startup of the year by Consumer Technology Association, RapidSOS aims to add new smarts to the emergency dispatch system."

"RapidSOS To The Rescue"

"911 callers get through to emergency responders faster"