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The New York Times

"A lifesaving smartphone app"

The Washington Post

"The result is a system that dramatically increases the information available to dispatchers, accelerating response times, and saving lives"

Tech Crunch

"RapidSOS To The Rescue"


"The app that could save your life"


"911 callers get through to emergency responders faster with the app"

Popular Mechanics

"The result is that... you can send 911 the information it needs with the push of one button"

Citizen Times

"Mobile app could save lost hikers and others' lives"


"Wireless networks and GPS will pick-up the app's signal and transmit all vital information to dispatch centers"


"Greenville hiker credits app for saving his life"

ABC15 Arizona

"New app helps first responders locate Arizonans in need of assistance"

Business Insider

"It's not always about disrupting an existing industry but partnering with it and then improving it."

Business News Network

"Transforming the way we call 911 through new app 'Haven'"

Deseret News

"[RapidSOS] technology allows for immediate and automatic transfer of location data and other telemetry on 911 calls"


"[RapidSOS] provides direct 911 and first responders contact in emergencies as well as warnings for people who are in the path of harm."


"For the first time, PSAPs are able to fully leverage the capabilities of modern smartphones to aid in emergency response, without a need for the caller to use an app."

Fire Engineering

"'We believe in technology that gets the right information to the right person, at the right time and in the right way,' said Eduardo Conrado, executive vice president, Strategy & Innovation Office, Motorola Solutions."


"RapidSOS Haven, allows users to feed critical info like GPS data — through their mobile device to emergency dispatch centers during a call or text."


"RapidSOS, may have a solution to that [9-1-1 location] problem...named startup of the year by the Consumer Technology Association, aims to add new smarts to the emergency dispatch system."


"These New Tech Gadgets Might Save Your Life"

American Security Today

"GeoComm is excited to begin work with RapidSOS in order to help our customers realize the benefits of truly next generation 9-1-1 technology."

New York Post

"Along with allowing texting and sending your exact geolocation to 911, Haven can provide details of your situation to family members who can also correspond with 911 operators."


"They're pushing the IoT paradigm in a way that could benefit the public at large"


"30 Mission-Driven Startups You Should Know"


"Haven... offers particular promise for people with diabetes and their loved ones"


"This App May Lead All Apps in Saving Lives"

Cambridge Day

"The app’s enhanced location and caller information [will] be “immensely valuable in emergencies“" - Christina Giacobbe, Cambridge director of emergency communications and 911

Digital Trends

"This week, we’ve got an app... that is perfect for emergencies"

Cambridge Wicked Local

"For the first time, people can call 911 on behalf of a loved one, transmitting their loved one’s location and relevant data directly to the dispatch center closest to them."


"[RapidSOS] allows people to submit their exact location data to emergency personnel."


"RapidSOS will help law enforcement locate people when they call 911 from their cellphones."

IB Times

"In addition to providing first responders with more information faster, the Haven app will also notify emergency contacts if a user chooses to list them."

Digital Trends

"evolucionado sistema... que transforma una conexión tradicional de voz en un flujo de datos"

American Security Today

"Haven, from RapidSOS, is a radical evolution of the 9-1-1 service, transforming a singular voice connection into a rich data flow"

Yahoo Finance

"RapidSOS has an innovative platform that leverages the full capabilities of a smartphone in an emergency." - Jeroen de Witte, CTO of Airbus DS Communications


"Real innovation is as humbling as it is rewarding and... through the slow process of building trust and buy-in, collective expertise can drive change."

The Suit Magazine

"Smartphone App Revolutionizes Communications"


"The 34 Hottest Startups in NYC"

EMS World

“RapidSOS App Allows Smartphones to Work Effectively with 9-1-1 Dispatches”

MIT News

"Finding 911 callers instantly"

Spencer County Journal Democrat

"At the press of a button, the user can transmit data detailing their location and even the nature of the emergency"

Boston Magazine

"New App Connects Individuals with Emergency Services Immediately"


"[RapidSOS is] disruptive with large-scale impact resulting in a completely new system spanning industries and borders." - Harvard Innovation Lab director Jodi Goldstein

Tech Cocktail

"The RapidSOS mission is a commendable one that hopes to save thousands of lives per year"

The Harvard Crimson

"RapidSOS...won grand prize[s] of $50,000 at the Harvard Business School’s New Venture Competition"

Daily Mail

"With the push of a button first responders are on their way"


"A lifesaver app for travelers"

New Scientist

"It reimagines how people get help in an emergency: rather than dialling a phone number, users can push a single button to summon first responders."


"Using the RapidSOS app, dispatch receives the call the same way it would from a regular land line — but with much more information needed to help find the caller..."

Time Warner Cable

"[The] solution is unique...send all your pertinent information to the dispatch center with one click of a button"

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