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Emergency API

The Emergency API easily allows for various customizable call flows between connected device users, emergency contacts, emergency services and related third parties – reducing the complexity of getting lifesaving data from connected devices to public safety.



Predict Emergencies Before They Occur

RapidSOS' analytics engine digests millions of data
points to provide unprecedented understanding of
when, where, and how emergencies occur.


Resource staging, trend analysis
Real-time data and multimedia of events
Emergency reconstruction

Collaborations with major auto OEMs yields car accident predictive model

A map shows how RapidSOS uses NG911 technology to pinpoint exactly where and when emergencies occur

Global database of exactly when
and where emergencies occur

A flow chart illustrates how RapidSOS uses data and environmental variables to predict and preempt emergencies

Emergency data geo-regressed with over 50 environmental variables

A map showing potential emergency hotspots that RapidSOS uses predictive analytics to track

Predictive models provide real-time accident prediction


Vehicle responds automatically to adverse conditions
Cars actively route around danger
Cars inform drivers of increased accident likelihood
Next step in movement toward driveless cars

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"Three former leaders of the FCC are investing in RapidSOS, a startup that seeks to solve one of 911’s biggest problems."

"RapidSOS uses cloud telecommunications and data analytics to push essential information into the 911 system."

"Dramatically increases the information available to dispatchers, accelerating response times, and saving lives."

"Named startup of the year by Consumer Technology Association, RapidSOS aims to add new smarts to the emergency dispatch system."

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