RapidSOS + NG911 Clearinghouse

RapidSOS is partnering with leading device manufacturers and app developers to get precise handset location from all different sensors on modern devices, such as GPS, WiFi Access Points, cell towers, Bluetooth beacons and barometric pressure sensors, without the need for the Haven app.

The RapidSOS integration into your PSAP also gives you an option to receive additional data and multimedia from the Haven app, as well as from other connected devices that use the RapidSOS emergency platform.

Integrated into Your Existing System

Rather than having to install yet another screen in your PSAP, the RapidSOS integration is a simple upgrade for your existing software.

How it works:

We interconnect with leading vendors of 9-1-1 call-taking solutions, computer-aided dispatch solutions, as well as mapping solutions. When a 9-1-1 call comes in, your 9-1-1 equipment queries the NG911 Clearinghouse for supplementary location straight from the device and additional data.

If you are not sure whether your vendor has already integrated with RapidSOS, ask us and your vendor representative. RapidSOS uses NG911 data mechanisms to transmit data from devices to your PSAP, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you have to upgrade your whole system to NG911. Even if you’re receiving only legacy E911 calls, you might be able to use this service.


RapidSOS Integration Partners

Are you a vendor interested in integration? Please contact Reinhard Ekl for more information.