PSAP Integration

Success through partnerships

RapidSOS is partnering with leading device manufacturers and app developers to get precise handset location to 9-1-1 from any smartphone.

No app required

By integrating RapidSOS into your PSAP, you will be able to receive precise location even for regular Wireless 9-1-1 calls, as well as additional data from the Haven app and other connected devices.

Seamless integration, no new screen

Rather than having to install yet another screen in your PSAP, the RapidSOS integration is a simple upgrade for your existing call-taking (CPE), dispatching (CAD), or mapping software.

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Already deployed at no cost to you

Haven is RapidSOS’ mobile safety & security app. Haven is already deployed nationwide and works with every E911 and NG911 PSAP, at no cost to Public Safety.

Faster, more accurate location

Haven determines the caller's precise location from all available sensors on the smartphone, providing faster and more accurate location than Wireless Phase 2 information.

Precise location-based call routing

Haven places a call into the correct 9-1-1 PSAP, with location information available immediately in your existing call-taking solution.

Get additional data from the caller

Haven also transmits enhanced data about the caller and the situation, including emergency type, medical and demographic information, and texting.

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Advisory Board

RapidSOS works closely together with Public Safety Communications professionals in developing all products and services. We have sought guidance and feedback not just from our 9-1-1 Advisory Board and major industry organizations, but also from thousands of Telecommunicators at hundreds of PSAPs across the country.


9-1-1 Hero Award

The RapidSOS 9-1-1 Heroes Award is an opportunity to acknowledge and support the crucial work of 9-1-1 call takers. We want to share with the world stories that inspire and demonstrate the amazing job that 9-1-1 call takers do every day.


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