Free to Use

Our service is free to PSAPs (Public Safety Answering Point). Every PSAP that supports either E911 or NG911 can already receive calls from the RapidSOS Haven app today.

Laptop displaying data coming in from a Haven call to 911 dispatchers

Compatible with Existing Software

You don't need to install any new software or hardware - it is already fully integrated into your existing call-handling and dispatching equipment.

Location Data from Haven to 9-1-1

RapidSOS uses modern location technology

Haven determines the caller’s precise location from all available sensors on the smartphone (GPS, WiFi Access Points, Cell towers, Bluetooth beacons, Barometric pressure sensors). This can be a civic address or precise x-y coordinates if no MSAG-valid address is available.

Call routing based on device location, not cell towers

RapidSOS routes the call to the correct PSAP for the caller’s location, rather than routing by the closest cell tower. We respect jurisdictional boundaries and eliminate the need for many transfer calls.

Precise handset location on your 9-1-1 screen, right when the call comes in

RapidSOS also provisions the caller’s location into E911/NG911 address databases so that you have the location already on your existing 9-1-1 screen right when the call comes into your 9-1-1 lines. Haven location is faster and more accurate than Wireless Phase 2 information.

Enhanced Data

In addition to location, Haven also provides 9-1-1 with enhanced data about the caller and the situation.

Can't Speak

Haven gives users the option to communicate that they can’t speak, in which case RapidSOS will speak important info about the emergency over the voice channel.


Haven allows users to send text messages, which will be automatically spoken to the Telecommunicator. This way, citizens are able to text you even if your PSAP hasn’t deployed text-to-911.

Emergency Type

When a user triggers an alert, you will see the type of emergency as a comment on your 9-1-1 screen. For example, if the caller hits the “Car Crash” tile, you will see “Car Crash” as a comment.

See Haven in Action

To learn more about what Haven calls look like in your PSAP,
please visit our PSAP Training Portal.



Built Based on NENA & APCO Guidelines

Routing to Correct PSAP

Supply information through E911 system

Limitations of additional data

Appropriate Class of Service

Responsible use of Family & Friends

Immediate voice connection to 9-1-1

No use of "open internet"

No use of third-party call centers

Prevent inadvertent dialing

Use of location services

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Comply with industry standards, rules & regulations

Efficiently use/monitor battery use

Work anywhere in the country

Work without delay

Be reliable as the existing system

Free to use/no unreasonable cost to PSAP

Preserve simplicity of 9-1-1

Device & operating system agnostic

Connect user to appropriate PSAP

Meets cybersecurity requirements

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